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  • Vitamin D3

6 Signs you likely have a Vitamin D deficiency

Hypovitaminosis D, or vitamin D deficiency, is actually more common than you would imagine. Vitamin D is not a typical vitamin. It is actually a steroid hormone that your body is designed to produce in […]

  • Magnesium supplementation

Do you drink COFFEE? You NEED to be taking this nutrient.

Are you a coffee drinker? Chances are decent, since statistics show that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 consume coffee every day. That’s a BIG number. And guess what coffee does to you? […]

  • Rainbow-of-Fruits-and-Vegetables

The Benefits of eating RAW foods

Are there benefits of eating raw foods? For many of us, the majority of the food we eat is cooked. And it’s cooked well. You may not know this, but there are downsides to eating […]

  • exercise ball

Why you should use an exercise ball now

Are you using an exercise ball as part of your exercise routine? I cannot think of a cheaper, more versatile piece of equipment. Exercise balls (also known as stability balls) have multiple uses that can […]

  • karen-burke

Shouldering the Load: How to Get Rid of Neck or Shoulder Pain at Work

We want to talk about how you can get rid of neck or shoulder pain at work! When you think of professions that use their shoulder joints at work, you may think of lumberjacks or construction […]

  • intestines

Why you may have leaky gut and what you can do about it

Leaky gut is a condition that is very damaging and is not widely known about. I know, because I had it. It brought me food allergies, digestive pains, increased sickness, and fatigue. Oh the fatigue. […]

  • Coconut tree

The numerous benefits of coconut!

Mmmm the benefits of coconut, the one-seeded drupe… I absolutely love coconut. And while others may not enjoy the flavor, it provides some ESSENTIAL health benefits. Some of my favorite memories while traveling in Southeast […]

  • treadmill desk

Guest Post: The Best Desk for Working – Sitting, Standing or Treadmill Desk?

Hi everyone!  Treadmill desks are quite a novel idea, aren’t they?! It’s a good concept to keep moving while working… and I love that you eliminate the sitting component that causes so many problems with […]

  • intervals

All about interval training

Fitness trends come and go, but interval training is one that has taken the exercise world by storm.  The benefits of interval training have proven to be high and varied, so it doesn’t appear to be […]

  • Cortisol Circadian Rhythm

Re-establish the Cortisol Circadian Rhythm

Do you need to re-establish you Cortisol Circadian Rhythm? I’ve talk a lot previously about overtraining (or exercising too much), which can contribute to excess cortisol in our systems. Over time our adrenal glands can […]