Who doesn’t want a great butt?  If you say you don’t care, I know you’re lying 😉  A great butt is fun to look at, looks amazing in a bikini, AND helps protect your body!  What more could you ask for?  Here are the 6 best booty exercises.

First, we have to understand what makes up your butt.  There are 3 main muscles of your rear end.  Gluteus maximus is the large muscle that makes up the bulk of the shape and is responsible for leg extension (or moving your leg back).  Gluteus medius shapes the side of the butt and moves the leg out to the side (this is called abduction) and in external rotation (twisting out to the side).  Lastly, gluteus minimus is situated under the other two and helps the gluteus medius.  In order to fully shape your butt, you have to work all of them.

1.  Squats.  Yes you should squat.  This is one of the most functional exercises I can think of.  This movement comes in handy every single day, as you sit on the toilet, or as you pick up anything off of the floor.  This exercise majorly works the gluteus maximus.  There are a couple ways this exercise can be done.  My favorite is a heavy squat, since adding weight makes the muscle work harder and produce more fat burning testosterone.  Grrr.   You can also do jump squats.  This adds an element of cardiovascular endurance and explosiveness to the exercise.

2.  Deadlifts.  Another daunting lift, I know.  But it is not difficult, I promise.  Another great exercise to lift your rear.  You can perform regular deadlifts and straight leg deadlifts (which are my personal favorite).

3.  Lunges.  Out of all of these exercises, lunges make my booty the most sore.  It targets your butt and also works others muscles of the thigh.  You can do stationery lunges or walking lunges.  Pick your poison.

4.  Pistol Squats.  The single legged version of the squat is the pistol squat.  This exercise works more muscles (glut med/min) in order to stabilize yourself from falling.  Add even more benefit by doing these barefoot on an upside down Bosu ball.  It’ll strengthen your balance as well as your feet muscles (important for arch support and often overlooked).

5.  Step ups.  Use a step platform at the gym or a table/chair at home.  And simply step up.

6. Hill sprints.  Have you ever seen a sprinter with a saggy butt?  Nope, didn’t think so.  Sprinting in intervals adds an explosive/power component to your workout, and a major lift for your butt.  Add hills and it gets even better.  (Easily done on the treadmill by sprinting 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off.  Use handrails for support getting on and off the belt.)

Ready for a great butt?  Let’s get to it

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My love,

Dr. Kristin