hormone imbalanceDo you think you could have a hormone imbalance?  A shift in the body’s natural ratio of hormones is a major reason why many people have a hard time losing weight.  We are bombarded every day by processed foods, sugars, and chemical estrogens in cleaning products, makeup, plastic food ware, water bottles, medicines, and food via pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.  It is hard to avoid being imbalanced these days.  Unless you know what to look for!

As a starting point, take this quiz to find out if you have a hormone imbalance!  If you think you may, you can have testing done by your health care practitioner.  In the meantime, browse the website to learn about different ways to balance your hormones naturally.  Knowledge is power!



Do you get lightheaded if you miss a meal?

Do you need coffee to get yourself going in the morning?

Does eating relieve fatigue?

Do you forget things you think you should remember?

Do you feel shaky or jittery during the day?

Is your waist girth equal to or larger than your hip girth?

Do you always want some kind of dessert after a meal?

Are you irritable if you miss a meal?

Do you feel tired after meals?

Does eating sweets not relieve sugar cravings?

Does your vision get blurry?

Do you crave sweets during the day?

Are you agitated easily or nervous?

Do you have to urinate frequently?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

If you scored 2 or more points, you are showing signs of a hormone imbalance.

A hormone imbalance can lead to problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and infertility.  It is a major contributor to weight gain, fatigue, and menstrual irregularity.  But no fret it can be changed!  A proper diet and exercise program (and learning what products to avoid) can help reverse this issue.  You can check out my ebook Hormone FIT and get started today 🙂

To find out more about what you can do about a hormone imbalance, read The Ketogenic Diet, The MOST Simple Way To Optimize Your Hormones – Skip the Sugar Drinks, and Female Hormonal Imbalances.

My love,

Dr. Kristin