You can jump start your metabolism in the morning, every morning.  Each day when we awake is a new day to treat our bodies with the care and love we deserve.  As our bodies have been regenerating and repairing throughout the night, the morning brings an empty canvas. A great way to jump start your digestive function and metabolism is to drink a large glass of quality water with fresh squeezed lemon and/or lime.  A good quality glass of water is free from chemicals and additives.  Reverse osmosis is my personal choice as it removes chlorine AND fluoride (read about it here).  I personally recommend an under the sink unit, which will only cost around ~$200 such as this one Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Mineral Water Filter System.  Since all of our cells function through the medium of water, a large glass first thing is a good way to jump start your metabolism after a good 8 hour fast in the night.


How to jump start your metabolism.

Now for the fun part… fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice! What exactly is this good for? Lemons and limes are great liver detoxifiers. They both help to stimulate the production of liver enzymes and bile, which aids in the digestive process. These citrus fruits have also been shown to lower the glycemic index of the food being consumed along with them, which is great for diabetics and for weight loss.  Taking it before meals means that including this citrus helps to prevent large outputs of insulin, and will therefore help balance your hormones.

Lemons and limes contain many substances–notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene–that promote immunity and fight infection.  A tall glass of water and this citrus will help flush your digestive tract first thing in the morning, and help rid yourself of harmful toxins from the foods you’ve eaten.  It’s such a great way to jump start your metabolism in the morning!

Adding lemons or limes to your water is also beneficial for aiding in digestion, since it is similar to your digestive juices.  This will help reduce heart burn, belching and bloating.  These citrus fruits also contain high amounts of vitamin C which is good for immune function, and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory affects.  They are also alkalinizing (make your pH less acidic), which has been shown to be associated with fewer cancer risks.

So drink a tall glass of quality water with lemon or lime every morning starting today and jump start your metabolism!

My love,

Dr. Kristin


Are you practicing this every morning?  What are your favorite benefits?  How do you prefer to boost your metabolism?