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Dr. Kristin in India with her new friend

We all have a story. My hope is that my fitness journey will inspire you to write yours.

My whole life I had been an active person, involved in sports and other social events. This was the lifestyle I was accustomed to… but then everything changed. I was about to enter grad school for exercise physiology and had to have a tuberculosis tine test. You know, the one where they prick your arm and watch for a red bump. Well I got the red bump. Turned out I didn’t have tuberculosis, as I had never been sick and chest x-rays showed nothing, but there was a chance that I had been exposed to it. Unfortunately for me, the protocol was heavy antibiotics for 9 months.

During my time at grad school, I started becoming sick more and more. I was getting frequent sinus infections and having other strange symptoms including digestion troubles, bloating, sugar cravings, and brain fog. I researched, changed my diet, and started treating myself with information I found. I went to Chiropractic school to learn about ‘alternative’ medical treatments. I took seminars where I learned what is called ‘functional medicine’ that uses bloodwork to look for physiological patterns, things that general medicine misses.

I graduated school and started treating patients as a Chiropractor, but soon decided to go to Asia to travel indefinitely. I left everything behind (except my boyfriend). This is the time when my health conditions and my fitness problems came to a pinnacle. I was fatigued. I couldn’t get myself out of bed in the morning. I started drinking coffee. I had bags under my eyes. I started losing hair. My digestion was horrible and I had horrendous stomach pains. I had a hard time making myself exercise. I was gaining weight. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

It was time for me to treat myself as a patient. I had gathered all the knowledge, but had yet to benefit from it myself. I got myself bloodwork, I analyzed it… and now I knew what was going on inside me. My digestive tract was damaged and full of inflammation. I had leaky gut. My adrenal glands were fatigued. So I made the necessary changes in what I ate and what I drank, in my way of exercising, and in the support by way of supplements I was feeding my body. I nourished myself.

Since I have been through this journey already and came out the other side with more energy, vigor, stamina, and health… I realized that there are so many of you with the same problem. It is my duty to share my story with you, so that you also can get past these hurdles.

Follow me from feeling fatigued to fitness!


From feeling fatigued to fitness!

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My love,

Dr. Kristin