Today I have a guest post for you from Jane Blanchard from the website, on putting together a simple home gym that is stylish and makes you want to actually go in!  A home gym is a great way to motivate yourself to work out, especially for those who do not like to work out around others, as the gym can be daunting sometimes! So check out this short, sweet, and to the point post, and maybe it’ll inspire you to put together your own workout space!

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Inspiration: Simple Home Gyms

A home gym doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive. Simple designs give you adequate space to work out without breaking your budget. Aside from being cheaper, simple home gyms also tend to take up less space compared to more lavish workout areas. If you just want a place to run on your treadmill or do some yoga, consider a simple design for your personal exercise space.

home  gym 1                      Via: Zillow Digs

This home gym has the essentials for a good workout. With its wall of mirrors, anyone engaging in step aerobics or running on the treadmill can check his or her form at any time. Proper form during all types of exercise prevents injuries or strain.

home gym 2                      Via: Zillow Digs

Keep things simple with your home gym design, but that does not mean that it has to be boring. This home gym takes what was once a blank wall space and adds inspirational words to give those who are working out the boost they need to push through to the end of their exercise routine.

home gym 3                      Via: Zillow Digs

Even if you don’t think that you have the space for a gym, consider your garage. This home gym is set up in the garage. It uses equipment that can be rolled up or pushed against the walls for whenever the garage needs to be used for other purposes. A rack for dumbbells, a punching bag for cardio exercise and mats for doing calisthenics on the floor are the components of this space-saving gym. The garage is also a handy spot to store outdoor sports equipment such as basketballs and soccer balls.

home gym 4                                           Via: Zillow Digs

This exercise space only needs a perfect view outside the windows to complete the room. Looking out the bow windows, you could almost get the feeling of riding a bicycle outside rather than pedaling inside on a stationary bike. The ceiling fan in this room is an essential addition to keep those working out cool as their body temperatures rise.

home gym 5                      Via: Zillow Digs

When not in use, this home gym hides behind a folding screen to keep the equipment out of sight. The screen turns a corner of a larger room into a private home gym with the addition of some exercise equipment and a television on the wall. Use this technique if you don’t have a spare room

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