Hi ladies!  Today I have a great infographic post on The Benefits of Squats by fitness professional Mark Dressekie of My Fitness Boutique.  You can read his blog here http://www.myfitnessboutique.co.uk/.  If you happen to be in London, check out his gym and take a class! 

The benefits of squats are vast.  If you are not currently including them in your fitness regimen, I highly suggest reanalyzing your decision.  Because we have become a culture that spends most of our days sitting, this exercise could not be more important.  Sitting for long amounts of time neurologically shuts off our gluteal muscles (the muscles that make the lovely shape of your booty) AND causes tightening and shortening of the hip flexors.  This imbalance can lead to low back pain, hip pain, faulty movement patterns, and lower than optimal muscular performance.

Once you decide it is important for you to begin squatting, the next step is to understand how to properly perform this exercise.  To start, stand with your feet at hips distance apart and your toes out to 30 degrees.  The toes pointing outwards is important for proper biomechanics and so you do not injure yourself, because of the way our hips are anatomically built.  Next you will glide backwards with your butt, like you are sitting back onto a chair.  It is important to not allow your knees to move beyond your toes.  This can cause problems for your knees.  Squat below parallel, as this will force your gluteal muscles to fully engage.  GO SLOW.  If you drop down too quickly, this can create a rebound effect in your knees, and you can injure the tissues inside (I’ve made this mistake, so please don’t repeat it!)  Once at the bottom of the squat, you will engage your gluts and push up to standing, keeping your back straight and your chest up.

Enjoy the picture below (infographics can be more fun)!  I hope you start squatting with me!

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the benefits of squats