Hi everyone!  Treadmill desks are quite a novel idea, aren’t they?! It’s a good concept to keep moving while working… and I love that you eliminate the sitting component that causes so many problems with posture and pain! I would say about 85% of the people that I treat sit at work and have subsequent aches and pain because of it. Sitting causes quite predictable problems. So anything that eliminates chronic sitting with poor posture, I am on board!  Do you think you could walk while you work?

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Dr. Kristin

A new study in United States says that office workers should spend at least three hours on their feet while working — though four hours may be better – to avoid the serious health consequences including disability that come with too much sitting as we age. The study says that people working in offices spend approximately 70-80 percent of their work day in their chairs at their desks.  The study creators are now calling for changes in the work environment, including break time for walking and work space that allows for standing.

Are standing desks helpful?

Many companies have made the decision to allow or offer their employees standing work spaces or desks. These companies have found benefit in keeping their employees healthy, more active, and ergonomically sound.  “Standing desks may help in burning some calories, but they are also helpful in losing weight and enhancing metabolism,” say health specialists. However, standing for a long time can also cause backaches, improper curvature of the spine, and swollen veins. Therefore, standing desks may not be the best solution.

treadmill desk

Physical Exertion While You Work

There is no question that sitting desks can be quite harmful, but possibly standing desks aren’t the best option either. The way to avoid blood pooling and stress on the spine from standing is to start moving. Physical exertion while you work can also be beneficial due to increased blood flow to the brain, which will help with focus. The way to accomplish this? A treadmill desk. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require running! Just a slow walk to keep your muscles working and your blood moving.

Comparing the three desks

There is a big difference between sitting and standing desks dealing with biomechanical efficiency or posture. (You can read about the importance of posture here.) Treadmill desks reduce the issue of work place posture problems, but also add in an eliminate of weight loss and increased circulation. Instead of fighting the ill effects of sitting all day and the problems with standing with a post workday workout, why not move while you work?

Are employers concerned about the health of their employees?

It is imperative that every employer take into account the healthy and vitality of their employees. More and more companies are choosing to incorporate wellness programs to ensure health and longevity of their workforce.  They find that workers are sick less, are more productive during work hours, and are happier, which ultimately saves the company money. Technology has provided us with the innovation of a treadmill desk. With this new trend in employee wellness, we may see treadmill desks start to become more popular.

Work Live Walk is the new anthem.

Many corporations are teaming up with the company Work Live Walk to make sure that their employees stay fit, lose weight, reduce muscle pain, and enhance metabolic capacity by walking throughout the day at work with no compromise on productivity. A healthier you while you work, why not?!


By Andrew Hoffman